The Children of Destiny

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Today we have a guest post from Peter Rogati I–Peter Rogati III’s grandfather!

When she became aware–
her world was turned upside down–
A child she would bear;
The rumors would spread miles around.

She rushed to tell Joseph, mild.
Would he, could he, understand
that she was already with child
without having known a man?

He wanted to do what was right,
to spare her the guilt and the shame.
They’d part, even that very night,
for the child will grow all the same.

If they had lived today,
there’d be an easy and quick solution.
They’d put the whole problem away;
Mary would go and have an abortion.

Indeed there wasn’t that choice,
so they stood and took all the shame.
And now for that child we rejoice,
for the glory and power of His name.

Each child is not in command
to save men; that’s plain to see.
But each conception is brought by God’s hand,
and each life has a destiny.

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