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Today we have a guest post from Madeleine Owens over at The Introverted Raconteur!!!

One moment,
A typicality,
Then panic strikes.
From nowhere,
Darkness slowly creeps along the back wall of my mind.

“How could this happen?”
I scream violently at no one.
I’m searching for
Someone to
But all I find is this:
I’m alone.

Nothing but black.
Black skies and a black heart.
Sudden sobs attack.
Shoulders shake.
Two words.
“Why, God?”

Tears pouring down my face.
I grasp at anything that
I pray will hold my weight.
The weight of

How could a good and lovely being,
Let me suffer?
He sees me,
But nothing happens.
Oh, God.
Where is my rescue?

I face the darkness.
Staring up into the night,
Silently I beg.
“If you’re up there,
please save me.”

I let my head fall.
“He let me down,” I whisper.
I feel a gentle breeze sweep across my tear stained cheek.
No, I didn’t.
Out of the corner of my eye.
A sparkle.

I look up.

A star.

Light has pierced through the darkness.
Barely believing my eyes, I turn.
Has he come through?
A resounding ‘yes’ beats in my heart.

There is Starlight.


Madeleine Owens is a 15-year-old from all over the US. Living everywhere from bustling Southern California to Pennsylvania and Tennessee, Madeleine is a homeschooler who adores writing fantasy novels and playing her many instruments. She strives to spread the good news of Jesus in everything she does. You can find her blogging weekly at

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