Place Matters

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We used to trace a triangle with your fingers,
Like that’s where I live
And you climb it all the way up till you get to that turn in the road;
You know that one, the one with the sign
Where you turn to see all that you’ve left behind,
But I just drive
Because the road goes on forever.
The name only changes;
But this is still our lives.
We go in circles or straight to the ocean,
Like arteries and veins.
I don’t want it to be explained away.
But I wish we had turned and not driven all the way. . .
To school.
Cuz I’m alone,
And I look over my shoulder at what we’ve done.
Sink into the texts I’ve written–
Like an ocean,
Like they’re scrolling past my eyes,
Both sides.
Because place matters.

I never thought about it much.
I got lost and lost things on a hunch.
You picked up the pieces for me.
I was assigned papers;
Had to write about rooms,
But what are rooms without people?
Couches and tables, but I just burned them in my head.
And wrote about souls instead.
When I write now, every description feels taxing, draining;
The sky is grey again and it’s raining.
Not paying it forward, but looking ahead.
I’m already saying goodbye to you in my head.
I wish everyone I’ve ever loved just lived two blocks away.
I could see them every day,
Then they could go away.
I’ve wished it a thousand times, laughed, and wondered
Why does place have to matter?

Just finished reading a book
Where things never felt or saw or moved.
Just thought towards each other and knew each other’s hearts.
It didn’t matter if they were far apart;
It wasn’t where but how.
I prayed, you said,
“It’s never why but what.”
How are you now?
Lord, what are you doing?
I read it and thought I was glad
That humans had bodies.
And could place a hand of comfort on each other’s backs,
But now I wonder
Why does place have to matter?
Without bodies it wouldn’t.
But everyone has a body, not why but what,
And the what is that place matters.

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  1. Good one Jason. Just a caution. Don’t tread too closely to the dark edge. It could pull you in/over. May He lift you up at all times.

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