Little Sunflower

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Oh, little sunflower, where are you going today?
Your petals have found the pleasure of the star’s rays.
Turning your face to soak in the warmth.
You realize how far away you are from the source
There are other flowers, far more beautiful than you.
They are growing so fast, they will reach the sky soon.

Oh, little girl, what have you given up this year?
Your eyes are always wet and your makeup is smeared.
That promise you made to yourself is proving costly.
Your drive to be famous and to become more than motley.
There goes your innocence, there goes your pride.
There goes that girl’s dream of being a shining bride.

Oh little sunflower, you have gained thick skin.
You have worked so hard to be beautiful and slim.
Those bright yellow petals define your value.
The comments and the scrutiny are going askew.
All you really want is to fit in with the elite crowd.
But they’re so high their heads are stuck up in the clouds.

Oh, little bud, which problem are you going to start?
You joined in with the guys, you decided you aren’t smart.
Spread your wings, spread your things, spread your influence and your roots.
One day you might go back to them to find simple truths.
You lay on your back and wallow in your numbness.
Knowing you hate the questions, relying on toughness.

Oh little sunflower, your heart is not fine.
You know there’s a hole that’s stupid deep inside.
You look for the sun, but it has suddenly disappeared.
So have those other sunflowers that you so revered.
Your goals in life have become vague notions.
Every day is determined by simple faint emotions.

Oh little sunflower, you have chosen a dangerous path.
All your confusion will lead to destructive wrath.
No more sunflowers will be there when you need them.
You have poisoned the ground with your hatred and venom.
Who is there to gawk at your bright yellow petals?
Your life is too broken to calm down and settle.

Dear little heart, why have you decided to jump?
Don’t you grow tired of trying, your shoulders slumped?
No one is perfect, and we shouldn’t try to be.
Focus on is what’s growing from our fallen seeds.
What have we given to the world, what’s our legacy?
Do not let yourself get caught up in pitiful jealousy.

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