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A song of Jason.

O Lord, hear me, for my heart is in turmoil within me;
my soul cries to you in the morning.
At noonday, my call is heard,
and in the evening, I cover my bed with tears.
My sins have risen like the floods;
like the floodwaters, they cover me—too many to count.
My heart is as a millstone in my stomach;
it does not breathe as living flesh.
Lord, hear my cry, for I cannot keep silent—
let the talons of shame not entrap me forever,
for I am in great distress.
Be not hidden from me, O Holy One.

How long, O Lord, will you hold my sins against me?
For I am no strong shield,
no warrior, that I should conquer.
The foe has surrounded me with flaming darts all about.
Teach me to rely only on your strength;
for with you, the righteous finds shelter.
You are a light to make all my shadows flee.
Through your power, you have risen David’s seed.
O Lord, I know that your power will raise me from my living death.
You will conquer all my iniquities.
You will conquer me.
Shatter all my chains through your loving wrath,
and I will again sing.
Every day, morning and evening, I will sing.
O chains, be broken down in the loving vengeance of my Lord,
so that I may sing to my savior and my God all the day long.
To you I will sing;
to you, every moment of my days
for you have conquered my sin.
You have been my strong defense.

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