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I am just a speck,
A droplet in Your ocean.
I am but the child whose hand You hold.
I partake in your emotions.
I am only the tree trembling in Your breeze,
Moved by Your motion.
I am only the love of Your life.
I am the dead bones resurrected;
See the empty grave.
I am but a sinner
Whom You chose to save.

Why have you condescended to me?
How can I have the audacity to believe
You are inside my heart,
Though You formed me out of dust
And if not for You,
All falls apart?

And yet I do.
I have the audacity to believe
You are in me,
But You are not me.
I am holy,
For You are holy.
You struck me with Your love to make me like You.

I deserve nothing.
You, everything.
I am the slave.
You are the master.
I am the sheep.
You are my pastor.
I am the son.
You are the Father.
Jesus, my friend, my elder brother.

I pay allegiance to Your glory,
And You live to make it known.
I, but a character in the story that you wrote
Before I knew to breathe.
Falling on my knees,
I rejoice in Your loving of me.
How can I accept this?
How can I not?
You have defied all of my reason at the cross.

3 Replies to “Infinitesimal”

  1. Excellent Jason! So hard to wrap our minds around His love for us given who He is and who we are. We just have to humbly believe and say thank you.

    And btw, happy birthday!

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