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Today we have a post from Essie-Marie Weigt!

Put your hand on my heart.
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it breaking apart?
Do you know why?
Know the reason I have to cry?
I miss you, come Home.

You say you have one, but
You call it that,
While ignoring the cracks
In the foundations,
Believing you’re your own creation.

Can’t you see
My liquid agony?
It’s carving an acid stream towards my open mouth.
No matter how many times I shout,
My voice fades across the miles that separate us.
This has made us
Strangers in new territories,
Characters in different stories.
I wish I told you I was sorry
For when I judged you,
For when I was rude,
When I was self-righteous, haughty, a prude.

You changed in ways I never foresaw,
And I did too, isn’t that odd?
I’ll tell you a secret;
I don’t care if you keep it
Or discard
It, like all the other people who were close to your heart.
I’m aware it’s surprising, but it’s true
How easily I could’ve become you.

Our pasts are the same, our struggles
As well.
We can’t help but stand out, we’re bold, not pastel.
I think that’s why you broke my heart;
I stayed in the light, but you succumbed to the dark.
Are you calling me too?

When the bulb flickers, when my mood turns blue?
Help is an overused word, but I think you need it;
Faith is a moment, and you can seize it.
Do not make my words a waste;
Faded, like a forgotten taste.
Come out of the shadows, you won’t be alone.
Nothing is enough, when what you have is Home


Essie-Marie Weigt is an 18-year-old Canadian who loves the Lord, writing, and spending time with her friends. She is a freshman at Liberty University and is pursuing a degree in psychology. Her ultimate goal is to show others the love of Christ in in every aspect of life, including writing.

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