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Welcome to the first of my color wheel–Enjoy!


Black is the strong, graceful muscles of a panther,
As he protects and warms, shelters, the child in his care.
Black is when you run with your shaggy, old dog,
Under the endless upside down bowl full of stars;
Waiting to be found.
Black is the dank, dark mystery hiding in every cave crevice.
Black, the drip-drop, moist molecules of water.
The sound of bullfrogs.
The taste of licorice.
And the feel of a slight breeze, sleeping lazily beside you like animal fur; Breathing.
It is the sound of waves, because somewhere there is an ocean floor.
It is the shape of questions, like the place where the underwater sand suddenly slopes.
It is the one black lab in a litter full of goldens.
Black, the smell of coffee.
The color of a mother’s long, soft hair,
As she pulls you in close, towards her safe embrace.
The color of a lost witch’s tangled curls,
Wisps of smoke swirling round her black dress-train.

Black never meant to be evil.
Black hides so that nobody sees her.
Black is mystery and warmth.

Motherhood is black.

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