We Will Go to War

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Today we have a guest post from Cheyenne Wray!

With song and storm and
our hearts on our sleeves,
ideals in our pockets,
truth to believe,
come at you with weapons
of healing and harm;
words harshly spoken
let us disarm.
Love is our anthem;
against hate we will war.
Coming together,
each other we’re for.
Let them not tear us
or wrench us apart;
division will hurt us,
tear at our heart.
Our cause will go on,
without or within.
We choose to press on,
and this war we will win.

Cheyenne Wray is a 17 year old poet, and lover of all things yellow. She considers her biggest achievement to be poetry, but also enjoys painting, reading, and walking around the woods at night. She lives in Washington state with her family, mum, dad, and three younger siblings, and finds much inspiration from their collective quirks.

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