This Weight of Love

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I don’t know how to tell you this.
I don’t know if you are listening.
I’ll feel so much I stop to feel.
I’m choking on my tears.

Please just share your life.
Don’t get it all right.
Please just care enough
Before we fade from sight.

Bleeding flower petals.
Rain that says my name.
Pink and golden sunsets.
But stars come out in darkness.

I can’t pretend my arms are wide open when they’re not.
I feel this iron bar in my hands,
And I’m squeezing so tight it bends.

But now, I won’t let you go.
I know you don’t want me to.
Just take some time to think.
The words you say, they sink,
And I can never get them out again.

Part of me is dead.
There’s no blood pouring from no wound—
Cuz there was no blood to begin with.

I’m dry!
If you leave me here,
I’ll die.
A white rat shocked by the light
Of an electric wire.

I’m choking in this fire—
And every muscle’s fried.
My hair is standing straight.
No, I can’t fight this weight…
This weight of love.

Love is a drug that you fight off
Or you fight for—
Why you taking off?
Yeah, tell me what’s your flight for?
No, you just want to fight more.
You’re making all my sight sore. Ugh!

This weight of love.

I’ll show you how I might roar under this…

Weight of love.

This weight of love.

Please don’t compound this weight of…

This wait of love.

4 Replies to “This Weight of Love”

  1. This is an awesome poem, Jace! I love how you changed “weight of love” to “wait of love” at the end. 🙂

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