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When I look down at the seeds,
Today I see–
I am really looking at myself,
As they fight to be free.
Because, somehow, we are all forever seeds.
We are all forever seeds.

Child, you can only feel the fear-filled rain.
Trickling, dropping, cold, you hear it call your name.
Son, you are a seed; moist mud sploshes, splatters, almost drowns you.
Every particle of you, with deadly drink stuffed full.
“How can I survive this?” You ask me as you sink.
Down in the deepest dirt you were made of, you think:
It’ll only get harder.
How can you breathe when you are chipped, and cracked, though you are just a seed?

Why are you asking me?

Me, I am a tree, stripped of my leaves, slowly dying.
Bending over backwards in the storm. I know.
I have stood where you are once before.

Child, you must learn to catch the rain with faith,
Starting to abide the chilling westward wind.
Son, don’t fear the change; growth only comes from pain.
Every storm that threatens you, all deadly things, cause life.
How can I describe this? To breathe, you must first drown.
Down in the darkest sludge, with no bright sun, you’ll learn to sprout.
It’ll one day be worth it.
How can you fade when you’re so young, so strong? Strong to survive each chip and crack.

Why do you doubt the truth?

You, you will one day be a tree, stripped of your leaves, slowly dying.
Bending over backwards in the storm, you’ll know–
You have stood the test, survived, and are alive.

When you look down at the seeds,
One day you’ll see–
You are really looking at yourself,
As now I look at me.
Because, oh, child, we are all forever seeds.
We are all forever seeds.

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