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Today we have a guest post from Judith Conway!

Standing frozen
In a whirl of thought,
In a kaleidoscope of emotion,
Pieces of me cavort around in the wind of my pondering.

Who am I?
I thought I knew.
Not all, but parts of me.
Now, I am not so sure.

Am I a chameleon?
Picking up other’s pieces,
Making them my own?

Pure joy or pure disinterest?
Wonder or disconnect?
Type A?
Type B?

I can’t get a read on myself.
And so I wander.
How can one be so seemingly alive for others,
Championing them to discover their fullest self’s.

…And yet, rarely championing myself.
Who am I?
I grab at the pieces swirling around me.

Is this me?
What about that one?
Or is it someone else’s puzzle piece I’ve snatched,
Wishing to be like them?

Is it one of my pieces,
And I’ve simply forgotten…
My emotions flare like a storm on the sun.
Who am I??

Caught somewhere between lies and truth,
pierced by them both.
Clinging to desire.
It is time to stop running.

Too much thinking.
Not enough meditating.
Too much hiding.
Not enough breathing.

And so the Master of all our pieces comes,
the One who created and put together the greatest puzzle of all.
He kneels, next to me.
His smile is huge.

His face delighted.
He leans on his hand as He takes one of my pieces and says,
“Let Me tell you about this one.”
And side by side we put the puzzle of me, together.


Judith Conway is a lover of Jesus and the director of His Kingdom Come Studio. She processes through writing and has a huge desire to see people became all God has destined them to be. She is thrilled and honored to share some of her work here on the Awkward Truth. Here’s to being an Original of the Master!

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