Pain Is Necessary

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A soldier lies in a pool of blood;
He cries for a cup of water and his mother.
A boy whimpers in the corner of his room,
Hiding from his grandfather and drunk brother.
A teen stares down at the pills in his palm;
His sobbing mingles with his screamo music.
A Savior groans in agony while hanging from a tree,
Thinking of the pain and how He will use it.

We try to avoid the pain, but find it nonetheless.
It started through Adam’s mistake in that beautiful garden,
But we all know we would make the same decision.
Our avoidance of hardship has led us through sacrifice.
Sacrificing justice and giving up our honor.

Avoiding relationships and unnecessary love;
I am content with just enough,
Enough to get me through the day and live again.
Who am I in this life empty of destiny?

When we removed ourselves from the equation,
We waved away our sisters at the train station.
Independence was forced into their arms like dirty laundry;
The pride of their autonomy leaks into the present,
Our sons became tempted to float with the waves,
And we are all confused about our place.

We’re left without a thought to waste.
Who are we when we’re stripped of sacrifice?
Hate and bitterness is all we taste.
Can we blame others for where we are?

We look at the agony that others have experienced;
That’s enough pain to go around.
Please don’t bring that our way!
Where are we going in this nation without rest?
I know we aren’t all Men Without Chests.

Why do we need the pain? Aches, hurts, blood, stains.
The answer is written in the history of our world.
That garden and the snake that spoke.
Our disobedience deserves destruction.
But that was not the end.

One man came to reverse Adam’s deadly, cursed work.
He did miracles, taught passionately, and loved recklessly.
There wasn’t a single passive part of this amazing Man.
He was captured, tortured savagely, and killed shamefully.
This kingdom He had built for His Father seemed destroyed.
But He rose from death and Satan’s grasp.

His example was on display for all,
A public demonstration of the perfect Man.
We all know how He stayed, taught, and left again till the end.
There were also men he had prepared to send,
Out to the ends of the earth to spread the truth-
Jesus is the ultimate commander.

Now Christian men are leading on the charge,
Warriors that are in the midst of a fierce battle.
Wounds are torn in our sides and face.
Blood flows freely from our bodies and we feel weak.
Sometimes the pain seems too much to take.
But we cannot back down, my brothers.

This awful pain is necessary, but not our enemy.
He faced it all and gave us a gift, a remedy.
Though we feel overwhelmed, there is hope.
Find refuge in the God of Israel and His Lamb.
Find a brother to lean on for help.

He might be your father that you forgot.
It might be your son that you thought you taught.
The shoulder might be a scarred veteran,
Or even that little boy with a cane.

Please, do not give in to the lie that you are alone.
For me,
For us,
For Him.

7 Replies to “Pain Is Necessary”

  1. Thank you, Peter for this poem. I had a particularly hard day yesterday. This poem hit the right spot. As someone might say, “It was spot on. “We miss you. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

    Grampa Pete

  2. I am constantly asking myself the same question: Is pain necessary? And if so, which pain? Must we endure all pain? I have come to believe that pain is my way of reminding me that I am alive, that I am human, that I live in a fallen world. I’m learning to embrace pain.
    Thank you so much for this poem. It sounds just like my thoughts, which is so inspiring – a reminder that I am not the only one going through this process alone.

    1. Hey Miranda,

      Thanks so much for commenting! I’m glad this poem echoed some of what you were already thinking. Validating people’s feelings (when they align with truth) is one of our main goals. You’re definitely not alone!

      Also, if there’s more you want to share on the topic, our email is always open to guest posts and unfiltered thoughts both: ( Thanks again for commenting!

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