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People post photos, post pictures, post selfies of their face.

It’s a race.
Give me space!
Give me grace;

Give me your phone number, girl.

Give me a call.

I’ll stalk, stall, start a space for a place where we can talk about dinner, life, and games.

Please, play games with each other’s minds. . .

Emotional emotions,
And the like.

Hot hormones with a mike.
I think it’s spiked.
A migraine in my spine;

Great! I cannot get you off my mind.

Probably pretty people post a lot of pictures of themselves to please people;

Parents probably pretty petrified,
Probably pretty justified.

Perfect people never lie,
Which is why they don’t exist
Or else why they always hide.

Texting is a drug problem, a drug bug.

Putting pressure on people to properly protect, promote themselves…
Promise to comply with phone anti-physical people policies

Cuz we’re crazy,
currently terrified of people seeing,
the real reason we are we.

Putting pressure on the people on the pages that they pride.

Almost all of my life is on the web for everyone to see.

Are you afraid of me?
Are all my friends and family?
Is anybody listening?
Are all these amazing actors at all what they seem?
Are any of those annoying animals anything but what I see?


So sorry she sounded sick of me.
So sorry she sent me away since she wasn’t free.
So she said she should stay home alone on her phone…

I’ll be on mine too.

I’m so sad, so sorry, so scared, so stupid, so star-eyed.
So soulful,
scary-sounding sometimes.
Something is so wrong with me;

Sorry. sorry. sorry.
So I guess I simply can’t say sorry enough times to count for anything.

Strange tears, texts, are inside of me.

Maybe my mind might make me
more mad.
Maybe my mind might maybe meet my
new friend;
Maybe my mind might make me more $money$
if I make more sense.

My mind may make my morning more awkward.

Awe. Awesome, awkward adolescent adoring himself in the mirror,

I’m definitely wondering if this is something I just wrote.

Maybe I’ll shut up.

I’m definitely wondering if this is something I just wrote.

2 Replies to “#ModernPsychobabble”

  1. Why does this relate to my life so much right now? XD It was almost creepy reading through it and seeing the parallels. Awesome poem, Jace, and thanks for the laughs. 🙂

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