Laws of Nature

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The apple will fall from the tree above.
Don’t give hate before you try love.
Let things have their order and place.
You shouldn’t shower before you bleed.

A baby bird can try to fly—
But the hungry cat won’t be far behind.
Don’t bury a possum while it’s alive.
Let the earth revolve around the sun,
And don’t pretend to be someone.

Don’t criticise good deeds—
Just because it’s what you need.
Walk on water; don’t look down.
The world is no lonely ghost town.

Don’t block the barrel of a gun.
Stop quitting life before it’s done.
Simple, sample, stable, staple the mouths.
Should we shut our mouths against what’s wrong?
Where’s our heart in these songs?

Don’t dream with eyes open wide;
No one wants to hear your cries inside.
Don’t throw a punch before you block;
You’re not a psychopath, just in total shock.

Why do we wear sunglasses on rainy days?
They look at me like, “Why the delay?”
We’re playing this scratched record over and over:
Samples, bits, no luck in a three leaf clover.

Don’t just give half of your heart—
That way there’s no end and nowhere to start.
Life is not simple; nothing else is more complex,
But our place is not with nooses at our necks.
Belong and behave like we are together in this struggle.

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