A Dreamscape

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My soul—
My soul is awake and okay.
My heart starts to ache,
But I’m doing fine.
It’s the lies that we say when we’re quite alright.
Peace is a part of the process.
A dream is a part of the losing cards,
And it’s sanitized like fresh soap.
But what if we were really doing good?
What if we were sundrops and dew?
What if we were flowers?
We’re flowers.
We’re flowers—
What if we were lightning bugs—
Lighting up the stars above.
What if we were not so obsessed with falling in love
And we could just be—
One day at a time?
And I am just me;
The peace is real this time.
If joy wasn’t a lie
And we were better than just fine
Cuz we knew we were loved—
We didn’t have to be enough.
And we were all okay.
We were not afraid to accept each other
Cuz we knew our real names.
And we knew we were already accepted—
By the One who mattered.
We didn’t need to be affected.
We didn’t flatter or shatter the trust.
And there was love by the fireside.
It was everyone, not just you and I.
I believe in a world where we don’t have to live a lie—
Because dreams, someday, come true.

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